Doctor's Career Updates 2018

About DCU 2018

What is DCU

Doctor’s Career Updates (DCU) is the foremost, the biggest, and the most illustrious seminar exploring assorted careers in medical fields in Indonesia as it proudly presents you medical doctors from ranging fields and backgrounds as its speakers. DCU is an event held biannually by the Department of Education and Profession of Student Executive Committee of Faculty of Medicine, Universitas Indonesia (BEM FKUI).

Initialized to complete and assist the needs of medical students and doctors, DCU aims as the source of the most-cutting-edge information ranging from opportunities in continuing specialization studies to exploring other career options in medical fields. With that dream, we hope that DCU would provide enough inspiration needed to assist medical students and doctors deciding their pathways of education and career for a brighter and more exciting future.

Our Theme

This year, DCU 2018 is bringing “The Future is Now” as our theme to represent the dream to assist medical students and doctors in embodying their minds with forward and adaptive thinking towards changes in the future, especially in medical working field. We are making this dream come true by organizing seminars that explore career opportunities in FKUI, seminars that bring out the significance of humanity, and seminars that are memorable and able to inspire its participants.

Vision & Mission


To create Doctor’s Career Updates (DCU) 2018 as the best and the most influential seminar focusing on medical careers in order to help generating and inspiring medical doctors graduates who is the embodiment of forward thinking and adaptive towards changes in the future.


  • A premier source of information for future medical doctors and medical doctors
  • A trusted reference for information regarding opportunities in medical education and profession
  • A seminar that brings out the significance of humanity
  • A seminar that is extraordinaire and memorable for future medical doctors and medical doctors

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